Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mommy & Me: 'Sleeping Beauty' Screening with The MOMS

Last Sunday my daughter, Ava, and I were invited to a special screening of Disney's, "Sleeping Beauty" at Bowtie Cinemas here in New York City.

Hosted by the MOMS (Denise Albert & Melissa Gerstein), I knew we were in for a treat since this was my second time attending one of their events in the past month. The invitation stated that princess costumes were encouraged, which made my 4-year-old mini-me even more excited for our Sunday-Funday. What little girl doesn't want to dress up like a princess to see a princess on the big screen?

Upon our arrival we were greeted and gifted with a deluxe CD/Blu-Ray of the just-released-from-the-vault classic fairytale, as well as a cute doorknob hanger.

Before settling in to watch the main attraction, Melissa quizzed the girls (majority of whom were donning their princess best) in attendance on "Sleeping Beauty" for a chance to win some really cool prizes. To my surprise, my little one actually knew some of the answers, which was shocking since she had never seen the movie! It seems as if kids are born knowing all things Disney!

Although she didn't win any of the giveaways, she was content knowing that she had an entire bag of popcorn all to herself.  Once the movie started she watched intently as she nibbled away on the buttery snack and sipped lemonade. Every so often I'd glance over at her face and delight in the fact that she was really enjoying the movie.

That is until she uttered, "Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom,"with only 10 minutes left in the movie! Unfortunately, we missed the best part where the prince awakens Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. The good news is that once we got home she watched the movie in its entirety on the DVD and loved every minute of it!

I'm terribly sentimental and know that these are precious moments that will pass way too fast. It was a Sunday-Funday that I'll forever cherish.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pick Up Last-Minute Toys at Target!

Target is my by far my favorite store for buying just about everything my family needs. It's a a one-stop shop for me year-round, but it's even more my premiere store during the holidays. I've purchased several toys that my daughter will absolutely love from the store. From a Dora the Explorer guitar to PlayDoh to a Doc McStuffins figurine, she's going to be thrilled when she sees what "Santa's" brought.

If you're still on the hunt for the season's best gifts for kids, look no further than Target's Top 20 Toys! This roundup of the hottest toys for the holiday also comes with a gift to you—free shipping! But since it's so close to the "big day," you'll be happy to find most of the items listed still available in stores nationwide.

Here are a five of my top picks from the list:

Furby Collection available here, $54

Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer Kidz Bop Music Pack available here; $129.00

Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll available here; $39.99

Disney "Bounce Bounce" Tigger available here; $26.99

The Amazing Spider-Man Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove Set available here; $15.99

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Did you visit Target this season for gifts?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Children's Place: The 'Place' To Be!

Ever since my daughter, Ava, was born (nearly 3 years ago!), she’s been heavily outfitted in clothing from The Children’s Place.

 Her entire wardrobe is at least 90% TCP, while the other 10% is divided between Target and GapKids. The fact that it’s only a couple of blocks away from my apartment probably helps, but even if it weren’t conveniently located, I’d still shop there frequently. The prices are always affordable and the clothes are nothing short of adorable. Plus, the quality is excellent, which is a huge selling point because we parents all know how quickly kids can wear out clothes!

Last week, I was invited to a “shop day” at the store for a mini shopping spree. And since I enjoy shopping for Ava more than for myself, it was a real treat! Ava and I were surrounded by sparkly sequin skirts, glittery holiday dresses and plenty of comfy PJs. There was so much cute stuff to choose from, I had to tear Ava away from the overload of goodies, especially the eye-catching accessories. After about an hour or so, we left with several items including: boots, jewelry, tops and bottoms!

One of my favorite pieces, Sequin Ombre Skirt; $24.99

If I had a son, I’d totally buy this cozy-looking Flannel Shirt for him; $9

We couldn’t have walked out of the store without these snazzy purple Pom-Pom Chalet Boots; $17

Do you shop at The Children's Place?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Kenya Dolls Return!

Twenty years ago, little BGs everywhere fell in love with the top-selling African-American doll in history—Kenya!

Screenshot of Kenya dolls from a TV commercial in the 1990s.

Now, the doll that stole the hearts of young girls is returning to store shelves this fall. Created in various skin tones, Kenya will return with sassy fashions and beautiful features that made the doll a favorite back in the 90s.

To promote Kenya's return, Shanica Knowles from "Hannah Montana" is featured in a music video, "Proud," celebrating the doll's relaunch.

Check it out here:

Did you own a Kenya doll back in the day? If not, what was your favorite childhood toy?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Makeup Maven Moms

Last year, I had the opportunity to catch up with some of the leading makeup and beauty mavens in the business who happen to be moms. Iman (Iman Cosmetics), Lisa Price (Carol's Daughter), Bobbi Brown (Bobbi Brown Cosmetics), and Maureen Kelly (Tarte Cosmetics) all shared beauty tips, parenting lessons they've learned, and more.

Click here to read the piece!

Are you a fan of Tarte, Carol's Daughter, Bobbi Brown or Iman products? 

Friday, April 27, 2012

BBG Chats with Kimora Lee Simmons-Hounsou

Ever since she hopped on the seen as Mrs. Russell Simmons back in the late 1990s, Kimora Lee Simmons-Hounsou has become a mainstay in urban pop culture.

From turning the fashion brand, Baby Phat, into an empire to her outrageous antics on her reality show, Life in the Fab Lane, Ms. Fabulosity has no plans of slowing down.

Kimora Lee Simmons-Hounsou out and about with her children, Ming-Lee, Aoki-Lee, and Kenzo earlier this month.

I spoke with the fashion mogul about being a mom of three, life after Baby Phat, and more. Check out the interview here.

Who's your favorite celebrity mom?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monsters Made Friendly

If your child is convinced that there are monsters living under his bed or is simply afraid of the dark, ScareMeNots, a new plush toy line might be the solution to those nighttime fears.

Recommended for kids between the ages of 3 to 9, these stuffed toys are designed in the likeness of friendly monsters and were created to comfort children and protect them from the "scary" ones.

 Available at for $19.99

With endearing names like Defender Dave and Protector Patty, these plush playmates will help your little one feel safe and secure. Even if your child doesn't live in fear of ghosts and goblins, ScareMeNots, make great cute and cuddly companions. 

Available in 6 different colors and styles, this award-winning toy will have your tots talking. 

Does your child have a favorite plush toy to keep him/her feeling safe at night?